What We Do...

Condie Consulting offers a broad range of personalized consultancy services, designed to meet your needs, support your goals and deliver on your ideas. We support projects pertaining to education policy advancement, curriculum drafting and implementation, school life, community organizing, and parental advocacy.  Working on an as needed basis or with monthly retainers, our flexibility allows us to lead your projects or simply support your in-house team members with new ideas, research capabilities and creative implementation.

Policy & Communication

Advise on policy drafting, creation and implementation. Develop communications, marketing, and press plans to amplify messaging and promote institutional goals and agendas. Draft scripts, speeches, and commentary for public appearances, presentations, and podcasts. Big picture thinking is matched with attending to the specifics. 

Practice & Innovation

Provide technical assistance for independent, state, and local schools and districts. Organize and facilitate roundtables, Zoom meetings, and professional development opportunities ensuring a broad scope of participants. Always seeking innovative ways to address the current challenges of students using evidence-based solutions to solve the problem.


Draft, advise, inform and support parent advocacy and engagement plans for schools and communities. Create content and disseminate information to encourage parent groups and action. Parents deserve to have the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions when it comes to their child’s education.