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Condie Consulting, LLC is dedicated to making the world a better place by reimagining education. Committed to enriching the lives of America’s next generation, we expand learning opportunities in unique ways, foster informed communities, and facilitate partnerships and collaborations to best serve students and families.

Our diligent and resourceful approach ensures the highest quality results as we address today's challenges with the lessons of yesterday, united in creating a brighter tomorrow.

Education MeetUPs

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Grow your network, learn from diverse perspectives, and problem-solve with experienced leaders in the education sector and beyond.

The. Education. Blog.

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Designed to foster solution-oriented conversation and create connections across the country in one forum.

About Condie Consulting, LCC

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Operating on a national scale, we undertake projects in schools, elected officials' offices, innovation hubs, and beyond.

Upcoming Events

May 2024
7/11 at 11am ET: Education MeetUP #4 - Innovation
Wednesday, May 15th, 5pm - 6pm ET: Virtual Education MeetUP
Wednesday, May 22nd, 10am - 11am ET: Virtual Education MeetUP
7/28 at 11am ET: Education MeetUP #6 - Innovation
Speaker Series - Former Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Education, Frank Brogan
Registration opening soon
Speaker Series - Former Assistant Secretary, Frank Brogan

Upcoming Events

May 2023
Education MeetUP
Virtual, one hour, roundtable-type discussion
Open to educators, community leaders, corporate businesses, elected officials, parents and more
Discussion focused on: innovation.
Summer 2023
Speaker Series

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